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How to Clean a Smoker (Electric, Masterbuilt) of 2022 | Best Way

On a dinner table, smoked food is the guaranteed first item that your guests will pick up to eat. The taste and smell of smoked food is incomparable.

But overtime, these smokers leave a hot mess of charcoal and other debris on the interiors of the machine which could prove to be quite a hassle to clean. No worries, this article will give you a step-by-step guideline on how to clean a smoker?

Be it a propane gas smoker or an electric smoker, regular cleaning would ensure that your smoker will last for a long time. A well-seasoned, well-oiled smoker machine generates superior smoking flavor that beats all other flavors. Keep your smoker clean and tidy, and keep serving healthy food to your friends and family.

Without further ado, let’s open the door of that dirty oil’ smoker and give it a thorough cleaning!

How to Clean a Smoker?

A smoker is an excellent cooking gadget especially when you are looking to add that delicious barbecue flavor to almost any type of food. Be it chicken, pork, fish, vegetables or fruits, add that grilled brown to your everyday food items and turn an ordinary dinner into a barbecue party.

Besides the old-school traditional smokers which are fuelled by the charcoal gas smoker, electric smokers run on electricity. The greatest advantage of using an electric smoker is that you can use it inside your house even, apart from using it in the lawn or in your backyard.

Owning one smoker could be a fantastic addition to your kitchen supplies—you would not need a separate grill contraption and all that hassle. If you know how to take care of your smoker machine properly, thoroughly cleaning it once in a while, it can last a lifetime.

Using it for long periods of time may cause grease build-ups in the interiors of the smoker machine. Knowing how to clean your electric smoker will save you a lot of trouble, money and time in the long run. All you would need is a soft brush or washing sponge and mild detergent, and off you go.

How to Clean Electric Smoker

Let’s look at this step-by-step guideline on how to give your smoker a spring-cleaning:

Cleaning the Electric Smoker Interiors:

The first thing you should do is remove the racks, drip trays, water pans, and the smoker box. Use a brush or sponge, dip it in the detergent liquid, and make your way down to the bottom of the smoker machine.

Make sure that you avoid using any metallic object to brush the interiors of the smoker, as it might scratch or dent the interior construction. Any residue, grease or dirt that accumulates at the bottom of the machine, sweep it off out of the smoker in a dustpan.

With regular usage, the interior silvery polished surface would become dark, and this build-up actually prevents rusting from escalating. Rusting is the worst enemy of steel surfaces; therefore, if rusting becomes slower, then your smoker machine will last longer. Those blackened layers are, therefore, a blessing in disguise.

If you have used a brush for cleaning an electric smoker, ascertain that there is no loose bristle coming off and falling inside the smoker. Before cooking, always check the interiors thoroughly for any plastic remains and be very vigilant about it.

Now it turns to wash the other components of the smoker. Take soapy water and sponge, and clean the water pan, smoker box, trays and other parts of the smoker.

Before using these parts for smoking purposes, you can apply a thin layer of vegetable oil by an applicator or a brush so as to get a stick-free cooking experience. You can do this with the racks as well. This basically ensures that your smoker stays as a well-oiled machine and serves you faithfully for years.

Cleaning the Electric Smoker Exteriors:

Wash the door handles and the exterior steel body of the smoker in the same way as you have washed the interior components. Also wipe them dry after cleaning. Your smoker may come with windows. To clean the windows use a brush or sponge specially designed to clean surfaces like ceramic cook tops.

Also after each cooking session, oil and dirt accumulate on the door-handles or knobs, therefore, make sure you clean them too and then wipe them dry.

Within the rear inside wall of the smoker machine, you will find two thermostats that need cleaning as well. Clean them using a wet cloth and soapy water.

Meat probes can be cleaned in the same way and should be placed under running water or immersed in water.

How to Clean a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Remember to wear gloves before carrying out the cleaning process, since it is quite intense, and grease, once it stains your skin, might be tough to take off.

Spread sheets of newspaper or plastic on the ground so as to house the greasy and dirty components of the Masterbuilt smoker, so as to keep your grounds free from dirt. One by one, take out the wood-chip tray, the bottom tray, the water and oil pans, and then the racks and keep them on the ground.

Avoid using any chemical cleaner to wash and clean the insides or the outsides of your smoker machine, as once they burn they will create toxins inside the smoker that might prove to be harmful for your health in the long run. For scrapping off stubborn oil or grease residues, use a plastic spatula instead.

Once you have removed the detachable components, and the insides of the smoker have been scraped, it is time for another round of cleaning.

You would need to fire up the smoker up to 275°F for 1 hour which will burn off any remaining unsightly residues that did not come off during the scraping session. Close the door and check on it after 30 minutes, or more frequently if you have to.

After one hour, open the door, and wear gloves and even goggles if you need it because it is very hot inside. Take clean pieces of newspaper or any other thicker kind of cleaning paper, and gently wipe on the interiors of the smoker for the second time, to remove any remnants of debris.

Final Word

With time, a smoker machine accumulates oil, grease and charcoal build-up that could be quite hassle-some to clean, if you have procrastinated cleaning it for a long time. Regular cleaning would prevent a stubborn debris accumulation thus making cleaning less time-consuming. So, how to clean a smoker?

You can clean a smoker very easily by scraping off the visible debris particles first. Then remove the inside components, that is, the water pans and smoker pots, and thoroughly clean them using the sponge and soapy water. Give the second round of cleaning by firing up the smoker too high temperatures.

Cleaning a smoker is quite easy really. You can also use a dishwasher to clean off the detachable components. An electric smoker will be a great addition to your collection of cooking appliances. With an electric smoker, you can have a barbecue party every night!

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