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How to Keep Grill from Rusting – Quick Tips for Beginners

Of course, you cannot ignore the flavor of grilled meats or other foods.

Yes, this is of great taste. But at times, you may be in trouble with the rusting of grills. In fact, you need to know how to keep grill from rusting. You can opt for a rust proof grill. But that is not the only solution. You can easily prevent rusting as well.

In this post, I will explain how you can prevent the rusting on the grill.

Let’s start our exploration.

But before that, I would love to inject some of the basic ideas about rusting. In the end, they will help you prevent the rusting. Naturally. And you need not invest more effort and time.

What is Rusting?

In a nutshell, rusting is a chemical reaction between iron, oxygen and water. Rust is found on metallic objects, and it gradually decays the metal. And it occurs most when the irons are left outside without any proper care.

But the other important fact is that you can prevent the rusting process. With little attention and care, you can easily prevent it.

What is Grill Rusting?

When you grill foods or meats or other edibles, a similar thing happens with the grill. The grills are subject to rust if you leave them outside.

Most of the time, we need to leave the grills out of the home. As they are a bit larger in size and shape, you cannot always take them back home. You may keep it outside or at your patio. So, the grill – including the tray – come in contact with water and other elements.

In the end, they develop rusts. The chemical reactions make them vulnerable to rusting.

Can We Prevent Grill Rusting?

Of course, we can.

But, if you want to know how to keep the grill from rusting, it is ideal to use a rust proof grill. That is the best way.

In case of unavailability of such grills, the following ways can extend the life of your grill burner, tray, and grates.

Here, I will discuss the potential way of preventing rust to your grill. Check them below.

# Proper Cleaning

It is the first step to prevent rusting to your grill. Whenever we have a party, we forget to take care of the grill. We leave it unattended.

But such negligence can cause serious trouble. And also, it can reduce the average lifespan of your grill. Usually, the grill trays are from iron, cast iron or from steel. In a word, they are from metal. And metal can quickly come in contact with rusts. It takes a short time.

So, you need to keep those clean.

You can keep it clean using a grill brush and scrapper. Each of the time you use the grill, you need to spend at least half an hour cleaning.

How to Clean the Grill?

The smoker cleaning process of a grill is effortless. You will need a hard wire or scrapper. A brush can also be helpful in this case to remove residues from the metallic surface.

When you have completed the party, start the cleaning immediately. Use liquid soap or cleaning detergent. Spread the cleaning detergent on the grill surface. Make sure you cover the tray, vent and other parts.

Wait for 10 – 15 minutes.

Now, use the scraper to remove the residues from the grill grates. Interestingly, the detergent color will change for the rust, residues and dirt.

Clean the grill with clear water. And also, remember to dry the surfaces. You can either heat the surface or keep it under the sun. The heating process will remove moisture from the surface. Accordingly, the grill will have a longer life.

# Grate Preservation

At the same time, you need to pay some attention to the preservation of the grill grates. Do you know that the grates play a lead role in grilling? You cannot imagine a grilling device without the grates.

A little attention can prevent rusting of the grates. Most of the time, the grates are from cast-iron or stainless steel.

The best idea is that you need to remove the grates after each time of grilling. Clean them and store them at any dry and convenient place. In such away, you can extend the service life of those grates.

# Cleaning Charcoal Grills 

If you use grills with charcoal, you need to follow some other ways. Following the typical cleaning process, you may not have an effective outcome.

So, if you use the charcoal grill, you need to clean it immediately after grilling. Experts recommend cleaning the grill as long as that is hot.

However, you need not use any chemical detergent for this purpose. Instead, you can use clean water only. Sprinkle the water on the grill. Wait for a few moments. And then apply some soapy water. Clean the surface. You are done with the cleaning.

# Deep Cleaning

Regardless of grill types (gas or charcoal smoker), you can go for deep cleaning. The deep cleaning will prevent rusting. And also, you will have a smooth performance. But you may need to do it after every six months.

However, for the deep cleaning, follow the steps below.

Things you will need

  • – Scrapper
  • – Soapy water/ commercial cleaner
  • – Brush
  • – Clean towel piece

The Process

At first, remove the parts of the grill burner. Make sure all the parts are appropriately separated.

Now, soak the parts in soapy water (if possible). Or, you can also apply the soapy water on the grates and other parts. Let them get wet in the water or cleaning solution.

Please remember that you cannot use an abrasive cleaner. It will cause damage to the parts of the grill burner.

Check the holes in the burner. At times, residues and particles of dust develop in the holes. Use the scraper and brush to remove them.

Apply the cleaning solution on the outside of your grill. No matter how thick the outside is, it may develop rust. And this is a natural process. So, clean or polish the outer shell of your grill.

Now, you are almost done. Rinse the parts with clean water. Use the clean towel to wipe out the last drop of water and cleaning solution. Let them dry under the sun. The drying process will remove the moisture.

You have successfully completed the deep clean process of your grill.


So far, I have shared all the necessary information about How to Keep Grill From Rusting.

In brief, you have two options – either be attentive to your grill cleaning or get a rust proof grill. Getting a rust-resistant grill will help you to enjoy grilling activities for a long time.

However, rules of cleanliness, keeping them inside the garage or home may help you out. You can also make a tight cover to cover up the burner when it is not in use.

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