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How to Use a Smoker Tube on a Gas Grill | 4 Easy Steps for Beginners

Grilled foods are always excellent. They are delicious, juicy and mouthwatering. So, when you have a party at home, it is a must.

Adding some smoky flavor brings a variation in the menu. So, many of you may love to get smoke in meats or other grilled items.

But do You know How to Use a Smoker Tube on a Gas Grill?

When you are a beginner smoker lover, that is a million-dollar question for you, right? When you crave to have meats or potatoes, you just need a grill. Adding some smoke on the items will raise the taste.

However, in most cases, you may make the wrong choice.

In this post, I’m sharing the ways of adding some smokes using a smoker tube. And that would be a perfect match for your gas grill.

Let’s check the process.

Types of Smoke in Grilling

Before moving into the core of this article, I think it’s ideal for getting some brief ideas about the smoke.

There are two types of smoke in grilling foods. They are:

    • Cold smoke
    • Hot smoke

In cold smoking, the food is not cooked correctly. In fact, it remains almost raw. And the smoke from the grill adds the smoky flavor to make it more attractive. Generally, the temperature for cold smoking is lower than 80-degree F.

And for hot smoking, the temperature is above 180-degree F. But make sure it does not cross 275-degree F. With the hot smoke, you will have endless possibilities to cook different types of foods.

How to Use a Smoker Tube on Gas Grilling?

Now, it’s time to explain the key topic.

To smoke using a tube on a gas grilling, you need a couple of elements. They are – the smoking tube, wood pellets.

The entire task is pretty simple. Not to fear.

The Steps_

Step #1:

The first thing is the selection of the smoking tube. The tube should not be too much in length. Experts say that a 12-inch smoke tube is excellent for the gas smoker grill.

You can have the smoke tubes at any hardware store. Or even the grocer next to your residence may also sell those items. Have a look at their store.

On the other part, you will need some wood pellets. At times, people use wood chips [soaked and dry]. But that would not be suitable for a smoking tube.

Step one is complete when your collection of the smoking tube and smoking pellets are complete.

Step #2:

In this step, you need to prepare the smoking tube. Not to worry. This is an almost effortless process.

At first, clean the smoking tube. But make sure you wipe it with a dry cloth after the cleaning.

Now, place a couple of smoking pellets inside the tube. Some of you may make it full with the smoking pellets. But don’t do that.

You can fill around three to four inches of the lengths with the smoking pellets. And make the rest of the part empty.

Step two complete.

Step #3:

For beginners, this is the most crucial stage. Because you need to know where to place the smoking tube.

If you lack the idea, there might be a mess.

Grilling experts say that the corners of the gas grilling stoves are the hottest spot. So, if you want to have the perfect type of smokes, you need to place your tube there.

So, place the smoking tube on the right or left corner. Close the grill stove lid. Heat it for about the next ten minutes at over 100-degrees of temperature. Make sure the other knobs of the gas grilling stove are off.

Step #4:

Now, check the smoking tube. You will see that smokes are emitting from the smoking tube. And this will continue for the next half an hour.

You are almost done with the smoker tube on the gas grill. If you want to grill for a long time, you need to increase the number of smoker pellets.

However, be careful about the over smoking. If you put more pellets, it will over smoke. And the taste would be unpleasant. Over smoking may ruin the meats or other food items. So, remain careful about this issue in particular.

So, that was the necessary process of using a smoking tube for gas grilling.

How to Make Smoke Without a Smoking Tube?

Are you a DIYer? In that case, you may need an alternative.

Don’t worry about that. This is a cool and effortless process too. You can do that easily if you have a gas grill and some other necessary materials.

Now, let’s check how you can do it without a smoking tube.

Things you will needs

    • –  Foil paper
    • –  Wood pellets
    • –  Knife

Step #1:

In the beginning, you have to decide if you want to have a soaked wood pellet or dry. There are some patterns in smoke. Usually, the soaked wood chips render smoke for a long time. And the taste is a bit different.

On the other part, the dry wood chips burn a bit faster. And you may need to replace the chips within a short time.

However, select your type of wood pellets.

Step #2:

Place the foil on a table. However, make sure the foil is of the heavy-duty category. Or, it may not survive the heat inside the gas grill stove.

Place some wood chips or pellets on the foil. Wrap them. Now, take the knife. Pinch the pouch that you just have made. The holes in the foil pouch will emit the smokes.

Step #3:

Now, use a lighter to light the pouch. Remember, you will need a specific lighter for this purpose.

Lit the lighter and make the pouch on fire. Check if the pouch emits smoke properly. Place the foil pouch under the irons of the gas grill stove. You are done.


We are in the last phase of this post. I have shared the practical ways how to use a smoker tube on a gas grill. And it takes less time and effort. You are to follow the instructions with care.

Happy grilling with a smoke tube!

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