Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Review

Masterbuilt 20070210 Electric Smoker Review | Our Top Pick of 2022

Using an electric smoker will be the best idea for making some delicious, tasty dishes. But when we talk about purchasing a specific one, our mind gets confused with numerous options!

Fix your worries aside, as we here with an electric smoker that is capable of making lots of foods at once. We picked out the Masterbuilt MB20070210, which is one of the best bbq smokers out there!

An electric smoker needs less maintenance, simple to operate, and equips a cheap price smoker tag so that anyone can get by spending little amounts of money. If you are in search of this type of smoker, make sure to check out the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Review. 

Review of Masterbuilt MB20070210 Electric Smoker

Now, we are going to provide the features and benefits of Masterbuilt MB20070210. You should check out each and every part of this write-up to know in detail about this masterpiece!

Best Rated

  • 500 sq. inch Cooking Specs.
  • 3 Smoking Racks.
  • Weight: 57 lbs.

Additional Features:

  • A 1500-watts heating element.
  • Offers a front digital display.
  • Includes a water pan with average capacity.
  • Equips a waterproof cover so that you can keep itself covered while not in use.
  • The front steel-molded handle.
  • A piece of CD that contains numerous cooking recipes.

Cooking Area

Despite being an affordable smoker, it has got a lot of things to provide you. The first thing that can make you feel happy is its large capacity, yes.

Masterbuilt MB20070210 includes more than 500 square inches of cooking area that is pretty enough to meet your entire family’s needs. Without any hassle, you will be able to cook three whole chicken, two pieces of turkeys, or large amounts of pork butts. In a nutshell, this smoker is capable of cooking for 3 to 4 persons at once.


There is no doubt that Masterbuilt MB20070210 is made for last. It is manufactured with cast iron material along with a sleek black finish to ensure durability and beauty at the same time. Due to the stiff material, it is highly able to bear lots of heat and pressure, thankfully! 

Shape and Size

You won’t have a hard time installing it, guess why? It is because it comes with a 30-inch vertical shape that easily fits in most areas. It only takes a little space that will be a plus for those who are living on a small patio.


We really like its lightweight design, which allows you to transfer it at any place. It is only 57 pounds, which is counted as pretty light compares with similar electric smokers. Because of this benefit, Masterbuilt MB20070210 is ideal for camping or tailgating.


An electric smoker appears to be incomplete without the existence of this feature. It allows you to control or monitor the entire food condition effortlessly. Without this unique feature, you might have to open the lid at a stretch to know the food condition, which is quite irritating! 

Luckily, our Masterbuilt 20070210 has got a built-in temperature gauge. So without opening the lid, you can know the food temperature through analog dials, pretty impressive right? 

Range of Temperature

Our Masterbuilt MB20070210 is highly able to make food at the temperature range of 100F-400F. You can easily change the temperature according to your needs. Make sure to start-up your grilling process from low temperatures. After waiting for a couple of minutes, you can go for a higher temperature to make your food more smoky and delicious. 

Easy to Clean

Without burning the midnight oil, you will be able to clean this smoker within just a few minutes. It equips a removable wood chip tray that allows you to erase ashes with less effort.

This is why it could be a smart choice smoker for beginners as well, who have less knowledge concerning dust cleaning. After completing your cooking task, just slide out the tray, collect the ashes, and cast these junks away. See, pretty simple!

Multiple Cooking Racks

For cooking a variety of foods at once, it includes three pieces of chrome-coated grates that are sturdy, easy to clean and last up to years. When it comes to cleaning, it will be a good idea to use soapy water in order to wash it off entirely. 


For buying this particular electric smoker, there is no need to expend heaps of bundles at all, why? It offers an inexpensive price tag, for which you can easily afford it. 

Remote Control System

You do not have to stay closer to it all day long since it equips an RF remote control that is accurate and helps you to monitor the temperature smartly. As a result, you can keep yourself away while you really want. 

Best Rated

  • 500 sq. inch Cooking Specs.
  • 3 Smoking Racks.
  • Weight: 57 lbs.

What We Liked:

  • It might last for years, thanks to its cast-iron material construction.
  • The Vertical shape allows you to keep it in small areas with ease.
  • Compare with traditional smokers, Masterbuilt MB20070210 is counted as very light since it weighs only 57 lbs.
  • Highly capable of providing accurate temperate through its built-in temperature gauge.
  • The way of removing ash is quite simple, all you need to do is slide out the wood chip tray, pick the ashes up, and cast it away.
  • 3 pieces of cooking racks enable you to cook large meals.
  • It is as cheap as chips!
  • The RF remote control system makes your cooking task a piece of cake.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Paint peels off within a few days.
  • A few users think that the 5-feet cord is not that safe.
  • Defective heating element!

How Can I Improve the Taste of Grills?

For improving the taste of your grills or smokes, you need to add the wood chips that contain tasty flavors with great smells. The wood chips indeed come with tons of types. But now, we are featuring the ones that are popular and able to enhance the taste of your spicy grills:

Types of Wood Chips


Apple Wood ChipsGreat choice for cooking beef, poultry, salmon, and other types of fish.
Alder Wood ChipsPerfect for poultry and fish.
Cherry Wood ChipsMostly used for beef, salmon, and pork.
Hickory Wood ChipsBest choice for smoking all types of food.
Maple Wood ChipsIdeal for cheese, veggies, and steak.
Oak Wood ChipsBetter to use for red meat, fish, and pork.
Mulberry Wood ChipsHams and chickens.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have earned sufficient knowledge by reading our Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Review. We are pretty sure you like this one and wondering about buying it for your upcoming “BBQ” parties. To fulfill your friend’s and family’s demands, this particular electric smoker could be enough. 

Besides, it is simple to run and safer for all users. So if you want to stay safe and sound and do not want to throw caution to the wind, this smoker from Masterbuilt should be your final choice! 

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