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How to Smoke a Boston Butt in a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

You must’ve heard about Masterbuilt, right? Hands down, it is Masterbuilt. If you’re a BBQ enthusiast, then of course you are familiar with this name. A Masterbuilt is versatile, affordable, and portable at the same time, and that’s the main reason we’ve selected it.

You know, there is no alternative when it comes to the taste of a smoked Boston butt! Even, it is a kind of dish which is almost beloved by all. Considering all the matters, we’re here to show you how to smoke a Boston butt in Masterbuilt electric smoker. Trust me, you won’t have a hard time preparing it!

Why we’ve selected an Electric Smoker?

Instead of selecting a traditional smoker to make a Boston butt, we have picked out an electric smoker which better than charcoal smoker or gas smoker due to a couple of reasons. Like:

  • There is no need to keep constant focus while smoking. Just set the item (whatever you’re cooking) into the smoker and then you can freely join in other activities.
  • You don’t even have to work hard making the fire, even it is relatively easy.
  • Nowadays, you can actually get the best quality electric smoker at such a reasonable price.
  • It is convenient and needs less maintenance at the same time.
  • One of the best choice for a newbie, as you don’t need to have a lot of experience to run it. On the contrary, you have to be an experienced person to run the standard smoker efficiently.

What Actually a Boston Butt is?

Boston butt (aka pork butt), it sounds like the rear part (buttock) of a pig, but actually, it is not. Mainly, a Boston butt is the portion of the upper shoulder. That’s why some people know it as a pork shoulder.

A Boston butt is commonly used in a variety of recipes since it has got a moderate amount of tenderness. Further, the taste that it can offer has no such comparison!

The Basic Ingredients:

It is time to cut to the chase and gather some common ingredients to make a perfect smoked Boston butt, these are:

  • Boston butt (10 pounds)
  • Wood chips (apple or hickory)
  • Kosher salt (in a certain amount)
  • Smoked paprika (1/3 cup)
  • Brown sugar (1/4 cup)
  • Black pepper (1/3 cup)
  • Apple cider (1 cup)
  • Ground cumin (2.5 tablespoons)
  • Ground coriander (1.5-2 tablespoons)
  • Cayenne pepper (1 tablespoon)
  • Chilli powder (1/4 cup)
  • Apple cider vinegar (1 cup approximately)

A Boston Butt Smoking Instructions:
How to Smoke a Boston Butt in Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Now, we are going to teach you how to smoke a Boston butt in an electric smoker. Let’s get started:

  • Step-#1:

The first duty is to reduce the extra layers of unnecessary fat from the Boston butt. Usually, you can find the fats on the top and the sides. Make sure to give your hands on an edgy knife to do the job.

  • Step-#2:

Then, create a couple of crisscross slices on the fatty region of the Boston butt, but it should not be too deep! As an alternative, you can ask a butcher to do the job.
The type that you are applying to make slices are called “scoring.”

  • Step-#3:

You can take the manual to know the manufacturer’s guide and a lot of information regarding the electric smoker.

Now, give your hands on the wood chips and then place it to its container. We prefer to use apple or hickory, whereas they go well with most of the meats. Hence, you can fire up the electric smoker and then take around 35-50 minutes to preheat it. The ideal temperature should be 200F (approximately).

  • Step-#4:

You can pass the waiting season by just start mixing all the ingredients (except the apple cider vinegar and the apple cider). Keep all these things into a bowl.

Pick a regular spoon for mixing them thoroughly. Also, you can wear thin hand gloves for mixing them with your hands. After that, rub the whole mix onto the surface of the Boston butt.

  • Step-#5:

Give your hands on the crank of the smoker to adjust the temperature of 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, push the Boston butt into the smoker.

Note: You need to ensure that the fatty side of the pork is placed in an upside position.

  • Step-#6:

Wait for at least 4-5 hours so that the heat can reach inside of the Boston butt. As you know, it will take enough time, and after all, it’s a slow-cooking method.

Don’t let the Boston butt into the direct heat, which can cause burning as well as it may reduce the taste of the pork. But of course, you need to keep it in a perfect position for getting the real taste.

  • Step-#7:

After waiting for a couple of hours, you have to bring out the meat from the smoker. Pick an aluminum foil and ensure that it is enough to cover up the whole Boston butt. Wait wait… there is one more duty remaining!

The duty is to mix the apple cider and apple cider vinegar to the entire meat. For doing this step, you can either use a bottle or a sprayer to make the task perfect.

After mixing it all, give your hands on the aluminum foil to cover it entirely. Place it back to the electric smoker for a couple of hours.

Warning: The pork butt could be hot enough. So, don’t use your hands directly, be careful!

  • Step-#8:

Again, you have to wait, and this will be around 5-8 hours. There is no need to play the guessing game at all. We highly recommend picking out a meat thermometer so that you can ensure the accurate temperature of the Boston butt.

Note: If your smoker has already included with a temperature gauge, then there is no need to use a meat thermometer.

  • Step-#9:

Bring out the meat from the smoker if you feel that you’ve reached the temperature that you wish for. Again, wait for a couple of minutes to let it cool down.

  • Step-#10:

It’s time to have some smoked Boston butt with your friends and families after completing the whole cooking task successfully!

Final Words

This was our guide about how to smoke a Boston butt in a Masterbuilt electric smoker. As long as you have a well-performing, average Masterbuilt electric smoker, you can make the dish whenever you want. And no doubt, it is going to help you for your upcoming parties. We hope you enjoyed the entire write-up.

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